Far away from everyday life, I had the best time and opportunity to think about myself. Hidden deep in the shadow of the mountain, Dobrinishte was the place where, together with 26 other people...

In the 1930s, many Bulgarians who graduated an agricultural school went to work to other European countries where they developed vegetable gardens and constructed gravity-fed irrigation systems. There are reports of whole Bulgarian communities, working in Austria and Hungary, also of Bulgarian gardeners in today's ...

It was 23 September 2018. We departed for Denmark - Teo and myself. I had heard about the Danish Folk High schools, but I was wondering what they really were...

To start your day with a song – literally. That is what students and teachers do at Brenderup Folk High School, Denmark. In the morning, after breakfast, and before starting their daily duties, they all go to the “Strawberry House” (an ecological house, made of straw bales) and sing together.

Creativity grows out of a certain type of hard work, combining curious exploration with playful experimentation and systematic investigation. Argues professor Mitch Resnick in his book: Lifelong Kindergarten: Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play. 

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