Children and food


To show children where food comes from. Тhis is a goal we have set for ourselves and have been working to achieve for several years already. How does the small seed grow into a plant that bears fruit which can feed us? How do we take care of the land which gives us these treasures? The earlier one learns to appreciate natural resources, the greater the chance that we will preserve them.

For two days now, in the village of Nadarevo, children were running around the yard and in the gardens, picking vegetables and cooking. The children from “Happy Kids House” from the town of Targovishte were our guests again. With the help of chef Cyril, from Botanica Life’s team, they prepared some tasty pizzas. And who doesn't love pizza with fresh cherry tomatoes? And so, with games and delicious food, we learn about life through life experience.


Maggie tells the children how people used to knead dough in the old wooden trays. Everyone has their own little piece of dough to knead and feel the bread between their fingers.


And to make it even better, several people from the village told us already how nice it was to hear children laughing once again.