Youngsters from Pernik region on a study visit in Nadarevo

Oct 20.2020

Youngsters from Pernik region on a study visit in Nadarevo

On 13th October we have hosted youngsters from around Breznik. For 3 days an educational course in the field of the sustainable agriculture was held for them. The event is a result of a partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Communities Development (CSCD) and it had a practical focus. After a short session of theory, the youngsters visited the gardens of Botanica Life Foundation and had the chance to get an idea of the pure agriculture concept which we have put into practice.

The main activity was built around gathering and cleaning the sorghum plants so that they are ready to be used for the preparation of the sorghum syrup, which we produce at Botanica Life already for a third year. The participants gained knowledge of the food quality and use of the sorghum plants and saw the technological cycle of the syrup production. Having the chance to taste the syrup was a key pleasure activity in our course.

Another piece of the event was a meeting with a producer of stone flour which nowadays has gained popularity as a preferred tool for soil enrichment.

On 15th October the youngsters departed back home, taking the new findings and impressions of village life and growing your own ecological food.

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