Young entrepreneurs in action

May 19.2021

Young entrepreneurs in action

Let us give a voice to the positive things that are happening in Bulgaria! It is with great pleasure that we would like to congratulate the BioFoam school-based company from “Baba Tonka” Mathematical High School in the town of Ruse, for wining the WWF Bulgaria “Panda Labs” competition.

The young people from the team are inspired by the cause of sustainable agriculture and have developed organic solutions, based entirely on herbs - "TomaCide", "PotaCide" and "CucuCide" to protect crops, such as tomatoes, potatoes and cucumbers, from pests. The team won 10 000 BGN for developing the idea.

We are happy that Botanica Life Foundation also provided, albeit modest, expert support for the team. We stay in touch with the young entrepreneurs and look forward to their visit to our sustainable gardens in Nadarevo, where we can apply the products developed by them! Good luck!

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