Pumpkin Festival

Oct 26.2020

Pumpkin Festival

A wonderful, sunny day, with smiling people. Together with the guests of the pumpkin festival in the village of Nadarevo, we enjoyed rural air, games and various culinary temptations. There was a walk to the field, an encounter with cows, stories about vegetables and sustainable agriculture, picking pumpkins, storytelling, cuddling cats, competitions, painting, interesting conversations and new friends.

The children shared that one of the most interesting games was the "pumpkin hunt". All the pumpkins in the field were found and collected. Children and adults received many pumpkin medals for their participation in the competitions. The family of Silvana, Stoyan and Danny won the pumpkin from the family game.

We offered our guests dishes prepared with vegetables from Botanica Life’s gardens, such as stuffed kale rolls and stuffed peppers with bulgur and lentils, pumpkin cream soup, potatoes and pumpkin au gratin, pumpkin pie, pumpkinsavory cake and of course roasted pumpkin. The guests also tasted our nettle pie “Green banitsa” for breakfast and pancakes with syrup from the sugar sorghum, grown in our gardens. In the evening, the guests also tasted the wonderful specialties of our friends from "Living Food" - almond cheese, red beetroot delicacy, cashew dip and the tasty raw cakes.

The families who visited us were from Shoumen and Varna, and our youngest guest was three months old. It turned out, sleep is very sweet in the fresh air, while mom, dad and big sisters are tacking a walk and playing.

What better way to spend time with your family?

The event was realised as part of the activities of the social enterprise of Botanica Life Foundation, in support of the educational program of the foundation.

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