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Facing the Challenges of the Anthropocene. What to Teach in the 21st Century and How?

Sept. 29.2020

Botanica Life’s multiplier event on the topic of folk high schools took place in the village of Nadarevo. It attracted people from Veliki Preslav, Sofia, Antonovo and Targovishte. Apostol Apostolov – Chair of the host organisation – presented the results of the project “Teaching Organic Literacy in Grundtvigian Style”, realised in partnership with organisations from Poland, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland, as part of the Erasmus + programme.

The project started at the end of 2018. During those two years a number of outputs were produced. The project realised five training courses for local communities in Bulgaria, Poland and Germany, and one course for team members of the Polish and Bulgarian partners in Denmark. Other outputs of the project were a number of publications – a collection of articles, a training manual for teachers and a collection of course materials. 

Donka Apostolova – a member of Botanica Life’s team – shared her experience of attending a training course in a folk high school in Brenderup, Denmark. One of the publications can be found here.

After the presentation of the project results, the participants discussed the challenges facing the contemporary era – a period of unprecedented ecological changes – often called ‘’the anthropocene”. They addressed the questions of what and how to teach in folk high schools in 21stcentury in the context of such changes.

Of course, the participants had the opportunity to visit the ecological gardens of Botanica Life Foundation.

We are thankful to the Club of NGOs in Targovishte for offering their help to organize this multiplier event.

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