First online courses by Botanica Life

Jan 21.2021

First online courses by Botanica Life

On 19th January starts ours first online course on sustainable gardening for beginners. With this, we launch our training season for 2021. Adapted to the pandemic situation, our first training event for the year gets a virtual start, rather than in the garden. Yet, there is an increased interest in the online form of education. In this course we welcome participants from various regions of Bulgaria and also Bulgarians living abroad. We are happy that more people look back to their roots and decide to start growing their own food – responsibly and sustainably.

Immediately after the beginners’ level, another level for advanced gardeners will start on 2nd February. Applications for the advanced course continue until 25th January.

On 16th of February begins another online training - this time dedicated to herbalism. This topic is new for our educational programme and enriches the scale of knowledge and skills which we offer. It also proves to be of great interest and the registered participants so far are from all over Bulgaria, as well as Bulgarians from different European countries. The course is also divided into two levels. Applications for participation in this course are accepted until 5th February (for level I) and 19 February (for level II).

Questions for all aspects of our training programme can be addressed to .

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